4 Simple Steps to Job Hunting Success – Writing That Killer Covering Letter

by: Sam Pearce
A CV will always normally need to be accompanied by a covering letter. This is the ideal opportunity to separate yourself from the many monotonous letters that will be received by your potential employer!
You need to ensure that your potential employer will read your CV, and then invite you to interview. However, make sure you don’t make it too lengthy, try to keep your letter to one side of A4.
Point out in your letter why you feel that you are suited to to the job. Many job applications fall down because they are not particularly well tailored to the job description that you will have received from the employer. It is therefore essential that you read it carefully and emphasize the relevant skills that you offer. Show that you have taken the trouble to read the information that the employer sent to you and to have thought about it. For the job offerer, it is a big turn-off if the applicant shows an ignorance of the needs of the job.
To summarise you should include: –
* Who you are and which job you’re applying for – just a brief summary would be best here, mention where you saw the job advertised and what you are doing currently.
* How your skills ,experience and education match the criteria needed – detail here any relevant experience you have here whether it be voluntary or paid. Ensure that you match your skills etc with the job specification.
* Why you wish to work in this particular sector – explain what has led you to believe that this is the right sector for you. Eg, voluntary work experience or perhaps work shadowing etc.
* Why you are applying to this organisation – do some background research on the organisation and explain what in particular attracts you to them.
Make sure you conclude the letter and end on a positive note, such as you look forward to hearing from them.
This is your opportunity to shine and land your dream job!

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