Explaining Tricky Situations in the Job Interview

by: Carole Martin Some people’s lives begin to sound like a Soap Opera because there have been so many extenuating circumstances. Nobody’s perfect. But nobody wants to hear about your problems and baggage either. Especially in the job interview. The following is some advice to handle those tricky situations when interviewing that may be difficult … Read more

How Do I Quit A Manipulating Job?

by: Silas Reed Quitting a job is often a result of one or many deciding factors. The factors can be job satisfaction, money or even freedom. And when there is significant curtailing of your freedom while you’re at your job means you’re in a manipulating job. That is, your employer has not been truthful and … Read more

Penerimaan CPNS 2013 Pemko Sibolga Sumut

Penerimaan CPNS 2013 Pemko Sibolga Sumut: Sebelumnya telah saya posting info penerimaan CPNS di Sumut untuk Pemko Sibolga, Labura dan Labusel. Info tersebut belum lengkap terutama tentang pendaftaran CPNS di Pemko Sibolga Sumut sehingga banyak teman-teman yang menanyakan kejelasan adanya penerimaan CPNS Sibolga ini. Informasi terakhir penerimaan CPNS Sibolga ternyata diundur menjadi tahun 2013. Jadi … Read more

Three Ways to Find a New Job

by: Catherine Trebble There are various reasons for needing to change jobs. Typical examples are having a boss that is very difficult to work for, you’ve lost your job due to downsizing, the commute to your job is taking its toll on you, the pay is too low, there is not much room for advancement … Read more

What Causes Job Satisfaction?

by: William King In order to have a successful organization, being a higher authority you should always ensure the employees’ satisfaction level. There are several variables that can be used to measure the job satisfaction and you should be aware of all the components that influence the way a person feels about his job. Many … Read more