How to Prepare for a Job Interview

by: Ryan Fyfe
With the financial crisis having a cascading effect on the global economy, the job market has turned gloomy. The competition has increased to such an extent that even though we give a good performance in an interview, the interviewer selects the best out of the best! So we have to train ourselves to become the best in any job interview. Knowing how to prepare for a job interview therefore becomes very important.
Your requirement is always for an excellent career. In this competitive environment, the candidates have shown their ability, potential and extraordinary skills of communication to grab the job they desire. Being mentally fit and having an alert mind are important factors to do well in an interview. Mental preparation is another key factor for a successful interview. If you end up in an interview unprepared and blank, you will obviously end up failing and getting negative results.
Here are a few important things to consider about how to prepare for a job interview to come out with flying colors:
1. Remember to use non-verbal messages than words. As soon as you enter the interview room consider and remember few important points like:
– Handshake – enter the interview room and greet your interviewer, give a firm shake hand with a pleasant smile and style. Appear confident and impressive. Don’t get nervous and shy. Introduce yourself.
– Sit in an erect posture. Don’t fidget with hair, nails, pen, tapping feet etc. Stay calm and sit erect with your hands on the table.
– Maintain eye to eye contact instead of looking down or in some other direction. Be comfortable and calm; set yourself in a comfortable position. Listen to whatever is said and asked by the interviewer and answer with a smile. All this is a very important part of learning how to prepare for a job interview.
2. Avoid nervous mannerism. Everyone feels nervous in an interview, but be sure that you are calm and cool. Your nervous expressions can have a negative impact on the interviewer and will show lack of confidence within you.
3. Speak with a clear tone and voice. Make a friendly approach. Be clear and concise. You should speak in a grammatically correct language and the tone you speak in should be impressive. Always clarify what you say, and speak in a way that is easy for the interviewer to understand. Be sure that you don’t fumble.
4. Be positive in your approach and do not give negative commands. Pump up your energy level and enthusiasm before you get ready for an interview.
5. You can question the interviewer and clear all the doubts. Don’t keep questioning continuously ask few but important questions. Do not monopolize the interviewers more time. Be particular, don’t question about the salary and benefits that will anyways be offered to you after joining respective job.
6. While answering the questions to the interviewer, be concise and clear, don’t make stories, speak what is required and expected, provide examples and explanations, if required. Being honest and speaking factually is another important part as far as knowing how to prepare for a job interview.
7. After the entire meeting and discussion is over, say thanks and follow up to know the status of your job. If you get a negative feedback don’t get disheartened. Not getting disheartened is another part of how to prepare for a job interview. Start preparing for the next interview and stay motivated enough to perform better.

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