Three Ways to Find a New Job

by: Catherine Trebble
There are various reasons for needing to change jobs. Typical examples are having a boss that is very difficult to work for, you’ve lost your job due to downsizing, the commute to your job is taking its toll on you, the pay is too low, there is not much room for advancement within the company, you don’t feel stretched or you have new family priorities and need to cut back your hours.
If you have found yourself in a situation where you need to find a new job, the following are four helpful resources to turn to.
The internet is a wonderful resource when it comes to looking for a new job. There are many web sites that post job listings in just about every career field there is. These web sites also give you the ability to post your resume online. Many companies, both large and small, frequently use these sites to post their job openings.
Companies and recruiting agencies also use these sites to find possible job candidates by searching through online resumes.
Although you may be familiar with the more well-known job search web sites, like and, there are lots of job search web sites on the internet. Some cover every career field and job location you can think of, others specialize in a particular career field. There are some that post jobs based on geographical location or language, where others are geared toward college students. There are many options available to you and depending on the type of job you are searching for, some may be of more benefit to you than others.
Recruitment Agencies
Signing up with a recruiting agency can be a great route to finding a new job. Not only can it save you time in searching for a job yourself, it also provides for confidentiality in your search. These agencies can be very helpful in getting you connected to a variety of different employers, as well as letting you know of the many otherwise unpublicized available positions.
Not only will these recruiting agencies have a wealth of knowledge about a certain field, they will also have a wealth of knowledge about the companies they represent. Some of these agencies may only represent companies within a certain geographical location.
This personalized service provides a great resource for those looking to move into any one geographical area, since all the employers listed in a specific field would be listed with the local recruiting agency. This eliminates a very long and tedious process for the potential employee-you.
All the people in your network have their own networks, and these connections can be golden when hunting for that job. Let it be known you are looking for a job, the type of job etc. Ask your friends to keep you in mind if they come across something that might be suitable for you, or to ask their friends if they know of anything suitable. I’ve seen people come up with more unadvertised job leads by doing this than any other way. Again, if you don’t want your present employers to know what you’re up to, discretion is advised.
Finding out the various organizations and social networks that pertain to your particular job or career field can be a worthwhile exercise too. These types of networks are formed for the sole purpose of interacting with others in the same job or career field. So joining such a group will give you access to other people who are very much like yourself when it comes to your line of work. Being part of some type of network, especially when you are looking for a new job, gives you access to a wealth of information.
Whatever the reason, if you decide you need to find a new job, preparing yourself ahead of time and knowing how to go about the process will increase your chances of finding a new job that’s right for you.
About The Author
Changing careers can be just the boost you’re looking for. It can also be a scary proposition, especially when you are a woman. The pressures and obligations we are under can make this a difficult challenge. Don’t let these obstacles stop you from finding the job you love. Discover everything you need to know about changing careers at

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